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What are Scuba Sojourns? They are holidays, staying at and experiencing beautiful places while scuba diving, snorkeling or enjoying the beautiful scenery.


We at Scuba Sojourns are experienced divers who are passionate about creating memorable holidays. Our 'floating dive hotel' trips are nestled within the protective sites of the Great Barrier Reef, perfect to dive or snorkel and discover the beauty of the grandest natural wonder of the world. These trips are suitable for all experience levels and beginners.

You can either join us with our Trip Leader or travel independently on dates that suit you, whether a day trip or a liveaboard.

2024 Sojourns


V.I.P. List:

Liveaboards on dates that suit you:

Day trips:

Book your liveaboard to suit your travel dates. Great Barrier Reef, Minke Whales, Ribbon Reefs, Osprey Reef, Coral Sea and Far North Expeditions

You are invited on our conveniently pre-organised trips; all the bookings and arrangements have been made for you. These package deals are great value, with the inclusions and a Trip Coordinator!

Great examples of the wonderful sights you can see on our trips. The marine life, the visibility, and the conditions are amazing!

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